Welcome to our website, This year is the 100th year that a community building has stood on this site. Feel free to search our website visit the about us page and drop us a comment via the contact page if you wish

Thursday Club



Bingo every 4th Thursday of the month 2pm eyes down 2.15 pm.


We play for prizes not cash (groceries, toiletries and other goodies) if you are lucky you could stock your cupboards!


On-going cash jackpot, added to each month until won or 25 is reached.


Cash flyer at the end of play made up from all cash from flyer tickets sold that day.


We have a raffle which is drawn in the interval you can also enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

 Bingo book 1

At Christmas we have a grand raffle you can buy squares each month, the more we sell the more prizes we can buy. This is normally about 90 prizes.


We also support our Leukaemia and Cancer Charity by selling books and putting coins in our jar.


A whole afternoon's entertainment will cost around a fiver. Come and give it a try, a warm welcome awaits any new players.


No club or subscriptions to join just come pay and play on the day.