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Report on School Boardwalk

WALTHAM CHASE MEADOWS SSSI The Waltham Chase Meadows SSSI is formed of three meadows and an area of woodland adjacent. There is a path within the woodland plus a boardwalk over the meadows which the children from St John’s Primary School can access during term time as a safe means to school.

There are various works that need to be carried out to trees throughout the SSSI for the benefit and safety of the users of the site. This includes a Black Poplar tree situated on the edge of the woodland and the B2177 which has been identified as a safety concern by Hampshire County Council Highways and an arboricultural survey recommends a reduction of the tree crown. Unfortunately, there are also a number of young Ash trees throughout the woodland which have been infected with Ash dieback which need to be removed at the same time. In addition, a few other trees (primarily Oak and Willow) have several dead branches on them requiring removal, as these branches hang directly over the path that runs through the woodland. The removal of the Ash trees and tidying of branches will take place on 24th and 25th February 2022 (during half term) and so the woodland access path and boardwalk will be closed to parents and children during this time.  

 There will need to be a travel management system in place on the adjacent road, so that the reduction of the Black Poplar tree can be done in a safe environment and so this work will take place a few weeks’ later at a date yet to be confirmed. The entrance to the SSSI through the woodland will need to be closed again on these days but the boardwalk should be able to remain open. Timber will be left neatly as habitat piles throughout the woodland for insects and to increase the biodiversity value with the provision of dead wood and scattered brash piles will also be left for hedgehogs.

  Existing woodland glades will be retained for their existing flora value. Should you have any questions or concerns over this work, please do not hesitate to contact Penny Stokes of Stokes & Co., managing agent for and on behalf of Elliott Brothers Ltd: Tel: 01962 353190 Email: