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 Southern Sport Karate Organisation

At SSKO you have the opportunity to learn all of the benifits of Karate training in a friendly club atmosphere, regardless of age,ability or level of fitness


Classes last one hour and begin with a gentle warm up and full body stretch. Once properly warmed up students learn basic punches and kicks and then combinations. If you are a beginner then classes are non-contact so there is no risk of getting hurt. Or maybe your returning to the martial arts and as a more experianced student you will be involved in pairs work and or sparring.
In our clubs you will be taught Sport Karate based on traditional Wado-Ryu. Our style of teaching has a modern approach but does not distract from the traditional elements of respect Kata,Kihon and Kumite
 Chairman and Chief Instructor of the organisation is Sensei Paul Bowlesinst-paul-bowles-t2
 To contact us either come along at Waltham Chase Village Hall on a Monday evening at 7pm or visit


You will be assured of a friendly welcome

 Paul Bowles 07746 569844