Welcome to our website, This year is the 100th year that a community building has stood on this site. Feel free to search our website visit the about us page and drop us a comment via the contact page if you wish

Come along ladies and gents have some fun on the dance floor. Learning to dance is something that you will not regret. Get hooked on line dance,thousands world wide already have. Its great fun and you will make lots of new friends. Children over 10 welcome with parent .

My dancers all know when they come to my class it will be a fun evening. We also enjoy weekend dance breaks away.  No partner necessary, those with two left feet welcome ! Linedance is not all about C&W music as it was 20 years ago. No cowboy hats, boots + yee haa here. We dance to pop chart tracks ,  jazz, Latin, Irish, some new country, Dancing to all music genres. Same dances are danced all over the world. 

Wednesday Beginner Class 6.30pm-7.30pm

Wednesday Improver Class 7.30pm-8.30pm

Friday.        Intermediate Class 7.30pm. - 9.30pm 

Phone 01329 832024

Mob 07905 299229

Email  carolannstorey@aol.com


Mick & Carol short

Mick & Carol

Mick is a fully qualified Linedance instructor of 18 years and a dancer of 20 years.

He has been teaching 10 years at Waltham Chase. Mick has 4 other classes in the area including 

an Improver and an intermediate/ advance class here at Waltham Chase. Carol began linedancing in 1996

Amigos Friday night dancers, kindly demonstrating Mick's new dance Explosion for the beginner class 2020

Music track by STEPS Chain Reaction

Waltham Chase Beginner class of 2018

Amigos Beginners  dancers. 

Absolute Beginner Dance called Outside In. 32 counts 

Music - Outside Looking In by Lane Turner

Choreographer - Diana Dawson